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Name:Particulate Respirator Mask
Form:Folding Earloop
Protection Grade:KN95
Specification: (11.5±1)cm×(11.5±1) cm
Nose bridge bar position:Built-in/Extrapositon
Scope:Used for protection against virus.It can protect you from dust、droplets、saliva and bacteria.
Execution StandardGB2626-2006
Components:It is composed of mask body, nose clip and earloops
Instructions:Hold the mask by the earloops. Place a loop around each ear and pinch the nose clip to the shape of your nose.

  1.  Do not use when expired.
  2. For one-time use only, destroy it immediately after use or throw it into special treatment box immediately.
  3. Do not use if the package is damaged. Destroy it immediately or throw it into special treatment box immediately.
  4. Not suitable for people sensitive to non-woven fabric.
  5. Please refer to the instructions before use.

Stored at room temperature with good ventilation, non-corrosive environment and no more than 80%  relative humidity. Avoid high temperature.
Period of validity:
24 months in the correct storage environment.
Quality Certifications:Test report of Chinese AQI(CMA、CNAS)